Jae | Senior Session | Bowling Green, KY


Where do I start with Jae? I've known him since he was in the 8th grade. That makes me feel old but in reality, I'm really not, it's just strange to know someone for so long. Jae has been in musicals and concerts for Warren East for a long time, the most recent playing the role of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid (He's in the blog image for shooting a musical, click here to read). Jae is a very talented singer and will be attending Western Kentucky University in the fall. 


I figured since he's going there, why not take photos there? So after some back and forth with where to take photos, we settled on WKU. And by back and forth, I pretty much asked if WKU was okay and he said yes, so simple and easy ( just like us men tend to be :-D ). The weather in Kentucky in May, particularly in Bowling Green, has been all over the place. We'd have great sunny weather, followed by cold, rain and wind and then another awesome day. We just so happen to catch one of the good days. There weren't many clouds in the sky so I used the shade of buildings to keep out of the sun.


Indirect Light

Using the building to shade Jae from the sun.

Although WKU is a pretty big campus, We didn't travel too far from where we started, we probably only traveled a few hundred feet. There is just so much packed into a small area you can get a lot of different looks. Not only is that awesome for the sake of variety, but you don't have to really go anywhere so you save time and can take more photos! If you aren't familiar with WKU, their auditorium, Van Meter Auditorium, is a beautiful building. There are steps that lead up to the top and in front of the building is a fountain. There are stairs that lead down the sides of the fountain to another set of fountains and some benches, like I said,  a lot of stuff packed into an area. 

Standing in front of Van Meter Auditorium. Such a nice background!

Standing in front of Van Meter Auditorium. Such a nice background!

I would be a bad person for not mentioning that my daughter and wife were with us during this. My wife is his choir director so that's why we've known him for so long. My daughter has taken a liking to having photos taken (imagine that) so she was wanting so too. This girl isn't even 2 yet! I think I may be in trouble! She like Jae so they walked around and she actually posed for me, without my direction, like I said I'm in trouble.

Juleah had to take photos!

Juleah had to take photos!

We ended our session at the kissing bridge, a popular landmark at WKU. At this point, the sun wasn't even a factor as it was setting and we were in the trees. We had a lot of fun and it was a pleasure taking photos for Jae. I know he'll do well at WKU.



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