Shooting a Musical



I've had the chance to take photos of concerts and musicals for the past 5 years ( shout out to the wife for being a choir director!) and it never gets easier. Each performance has its challenges. There are lights going off left, right and sometimes not at all. Those lights can be a gamut of different colors and sometimes the camera will not process the color right, looking at you red. 

This year I took photos of The Little Mermaid over at Warren East High School. There were two performances that I attended. The first one I sat in the first row so I could get some close shots, faces of the students and details that aren't easily seen from farther back. This proved to be difficult due to one reason: the pit. If you are not familiar with musicals, usually there is a live orchestra that provides the music. I sat right in front of them (genius!) and so there are many shots of them, their music stands and their lights in most of the photos.  The important thing is that I still got some good shots and learned not to do that again. 


For the next performance, I sat in the middle of the auditorium or should I say, attempted to sit in the middle of the auditorium. The auditorium is set up with a break in the middle so that's where I sat my stuff down. Before the musical started, I noticed a small older lady in the seat right behind me. I decided to move because I knew that I would block her view. I moved to the last row and that proved to be a good decision, I was able to get a view of the whole stage and get some wider shots that were not available when I sat so close.


Overall, I think there were some good shots. Whenever lighting tends to be darker it makes it a challenge to make sure photos aren't noisy ( noise makes a photo look grainy) and to get a photo that captures the action as it happens. I like to photography musicals because I find the challenge fun and engaging. I'd do it again every time!


Will MarshallComment